Industrial partnerships

Aviesan's mission is to foster innovation, in particular by developing new strategies as regards industrial partnerships and valorization.

Innovation processes are undergoing considerable change today: businesses can no longer rely on their own research to innovate. Medium and large industries are turning to the academic sector and small-scale industry to detect new knowledge and disruptive technologies and to establish the necessary proofs of concept for making any investment-related decisions.

In this context, one of Aviesan's objectives is to facilitate contacts, exchanges and the implementation of projects involving academic research and the business world. Aviesan is now the main contact for health manufacturers. With the creation of Ariis (Association of research and innovation for the health industries), a converging development with the approach at the origin of Aviesan has been initiated in private research. This group became an associate member of Aviesan in 2011.

Since Aviesan was created, several actions have been implemented in the framework of valorizing research and public-private partnerships:

  • At the end of 2009, Aviesan created a permanent committee for the coordination of the valorization, Covalliance, of which the objective is to foster and facilitate public-private partnerships.
  • In 2010, Aviesan and Sanofi signed a research partnership agreement
  • In 2011, a single agent charter (2.2 Mo) (in French), created under the auspices of Covalliance, was adopted by all of the members of Aviesan.
  • In 2012, together with Ariis, HAS and ANSM, Aviesan proposed a vademecum on regulatory matters, in order to assist those who wish to develop health products in better assessing the regulatory path.
  • At the beginning of 2013, the Theme Valorization Consortium project of the Aviesan Alliance, CVT Aviesan, accredited in the framework of investments for the future, approved the setting up of two strategic valorization fields (DVSs) concerning imaging technicians and innovation in vaccinology
  • In 2013, members of the French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health (Aviesan), in compliance with a request from the CSIS and the French SME service sector, adopted a Best Practices Charter, concerning services and research in the framework of partnership-based research.
  • In 2016, Aviesan developed a co-ownership model establishing power of attorney to accompany the implementation of Decree no. 2014-1518 of 16 December 2014 on the method of appointment and the tasks of the sole representative. This document provides Aviesan members with a flexible, pre-drafted contractual framework setting out, simultaneously, the tasks of the sole representative and the terms and conditions of execution of his power of attorney in accordance with the situations and choices of the partners in compliance with recently adopted legal provisions.

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Bring science and industry closer together: the ICRs

Since 2009, International Conferences on Research (ICRs) have every year been bringing together academic researchers and R&D deciders of health companies around a given theme (neuroscience in 2009, cardiovascular and metabolism in 2010, microbiology and infectious diseases in 2011, cancer in 2012). These conferences strive to facilitate bringing these two types of stakeholders closer together and create a continuum between public research and private research.

A paying strategy

The measures set in place since 2009 in the framework of Aviesan have already started to bear fruit: with increased visibility and now more reactive, French academic research has become more attractive! Many large-scale strategic contracts have been signed with industry.

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