Current challenges in cell-cell communication




Date : July 1st 2016 in Paris (Auditorium Biopark)
Organized by : Corinne Albiges-Rizo and Arnaud Echard from the French Society for Cell Biology, under the hospice of Aviesan, ITMO Cell Biology, development and evolution.

Understanding how cells dynamically integrate external signals from the microenvironment is a challenging question in cell biology. This meeting will focus on the communications that exist between different cells and how heterotypic interactions and/or paracrine signalling between cells are functionally important for cell communications, cell dissemination, inter-organ communications, tissue morphogenesis or regeneration. The program is a strong mix of excellent speakers covering a broad range of topics. Additional speakers will be selected on the basis of their abstract, and a poster session is scheduled to encourage discussion.

Deadline for abstract/poster submissions: June 20 2016
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