Inter-ITMO (Multi-Organisation Thematic Institute) Workshop on the Neurosciences, Public Health "Epilepsy: Epidemiology, Courses of Treatment and Exploitation of the Major Databases"




19 December 2013, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Quai François-Mauriac, Paris 13

To help with the structuring of a national collaborative project, the Neurosciences, Cognitive Sciences, Neurology and Psychiatry ITMO, in partnership with the Public Health ITMO, is organising a workshop on the theme of “Epilepsy: Epidemiology, Courses of Treatment and Exploitation of the Major Databases”. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together clinicians and researchers interested in the contributions of research into the clinical epidemiology of epilepsy. Through various scientific and clinical presentations , whose main thread will be the treatment of epileptic patients, a number of major questions will be addressed: what is the extent of delay in diagnosis? And why? The events prior to consultation in specialised centres? Lost opportunities? Aspects of the child-to-adult transition? What studies or what data sources are available to answer these questions? The advantages of a national cohort?

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